Welcome to Blyssful Sounds

Welcome to Blyssful Sounds

Welcome to Blyssful SoundsWelcome to Blyssful SoundsWelcome to Blyssful Sounds

Providing mobile music production for every style of celebration.

About Blyssful Sounds

Music is My Passion

If I had to guess, I would say the first time I heard music was probably in the womb! After that, it was always a part of my life in some intricate way.

I have a very personal relationship with music, being a singer-songwriter, dancer, and DJ. Through music, I am able to connect with people on the deeper vibration within us all.

I appreciate and respect everything music contributes to our lives, and I have made it my daily practice to find and rediscover the tracks that evoke love, truth, and inspiration.

The Experience

As a DJ and person, my aim is to create a blissful experience both during, and in preparation of an event.

The energy that I compose is calibrated to bringing out the joy and belonging in everyone, and that is represented in both my presence and the music that I play. 

Through the power of music I am able to draw positive energy from people, helping turn a party, into a celebration.

We will laugh, we will sing, and we will dance like no one is watching!

Planning Your Event

I like to think of music planning for an event, as a collaboration.

We will discuss specific details about your group, such as music taste, special history, demographic, and any other unique qualities that you and your guests may have.

Once we have gathered all the necessary clues of your group's style, we will use them to find the songs that fit in harmony, and create the soundtrack to your event!

Photo Credit

Main Photo: by Adina Preston Photography